South Hams Field Archery Club are a family friendly group of people with a keen interest in field archery, we currently meet (weather dependant) on Fridays from 1600 onwards at our practice area in private woodland on the Kitley Estate near Yealmpton by kind permission of the Bastard family. We have members of all ages and abilities, and are keen to enable and encourage anyone interested in Field Archery as a pastime/hobby.  We are active in competitions throughout the country and intend, with recently acquired woodland, to organise shoots of our own.

Field archery is a sport that involves archers shooting at targets that are placed at a variety of distances. The distance from the archer to the target is unmarked. Targets are usually set out in woodland and undulating terrain. There are a number of different styles of bow which can be used including traditional wooden long bows, recurve bows and compound bows.

The club is affiliated to the National Field Archery Society (NFAS) and as such all members carry individual NFAS membership. Under NFAS rules targets are either images of game animals and three dimensional foam replica animals. We do not ever shoot at real animals nor does the NFAS support the use of a bow and arrow for hunting in the UK (it is also illegal).

Please contact us if you require any further information.