Our next shoot in: Warren Wood, Kitley Estate, Yealmpton, Devon PL8 2NN. Will be held by kind permission of the Bastard Family of Kitley Estate:

Sunday 23 August 2020.

Rolling Start 0830 - 1030

Come and enjoy the South Devon country side and use our course for some practice.

We have 40 X 3Ds laid, Big Game scoring (if you like), score cards available if you want them. 

This will be a friendly type shoot (no medals, no prizes, no waiting for admin).

Family groups, Club groups, Class groups, Even car sharing groups.

Groups will be restricted to 4 persons max.

£5 per Adult.  £2 per Junior, Cubs free.

Email entries only - Pay on the day.


Warren Wood, Kitley Estate, Yealmpton, Devon

SatNav users: PL8 2NN

Rolling Start 0830 -1030

Hot & cold food available

Current NFAS membership card must be shown when booking in, no in date card, no shoot, no exceptions!

South Hams Field Archers and the landowners their officers and servants do not accept liability for, loss, damage or injury, howsoever caused outside the cover offered by the NFAS insurance

It will be a Friendly type shoot with 40 X 3Ds.   Archers are requested to book in as a group of four, same household, same club, same car share etc.  There will be no admin brief at the start, archers will be checked in, NFAS cards as normal. Archers/Groups are requested to have correct money available in an envelope, with names of archers, contact details: email, mobile no, written on the outside. Blank envelopes will be available.  These will be placed in a box and quarantined for a week.


Score cards will be available but not required as there will be no prizes, no raffle, no waiting around for scores at the end.  Archers will be free to leave once they are finished or shoot again if they wish.


Groups will be led to the first available peg and start shooting, subsequent groups to next peg etc. until all groups are out & shooting.  Any bags (food, lunches etc) not required by archers during shoot, can be placed in a trailer and will be taken and dropped off in the Admin & catering area.  Catering will be available at tgt20 & tgt40 as normal, but strict social distancing will apply (30 people max in catering area).

23rd August Friendly Shoot Procedure


  1. All Archers must be pre-booked.
  2. All Archers are to bring their own face masks (not mandatory), hand sanitizer and use them as required during shooting. We will have extra hand sanitizer available around the course.
  3. Hand sanitiser must be used before and after touching any common surfaces, 3ds, bosses, seating areas, found arrows etc.
  4. Toilets will be available and hand sanitiser for use thereafter. 
  5. Catering will be available but numbers in catering area will be restricted (30 max).
  6. Xbows are welcome
  7. Well behaved dogs, which must be under positive control at all times, are welcome.
  8. On arrival in the car park, social distancing must be applied.
  9. Archers are to have the correct money available. This will be placed in an envelope with the groups names and contact details clearly written on the outside. These will be checked and placed into a box and quarantined for a week.  These envelopes will be kept for 21 days to comply with Gov’s Track & Trace.
  10. NFAS cards will be checked before leaving the car park.


General precautions

  1. When moving around the course be aware of social distancing.
  2. When scoring the target and pulling arrows. Approach the target one at a time, pull your own arrows, then stand back to allow other archers to pull their arrows.
  3. Whenever possible, you must not touch the targets or bosses with bare hands. If you think you need to, you must sanitise your hands on completion.
  4. When searching for lost arrows. You must use your own arrow rake, let the archer retrieve their own arrows once found. If you find any other arrows, they can be left in the lost arrows bin or given to a marshal, remember to sanitize your hands on completion.
  5. Follow the Red & Yellow tapes to the next peg.
  6. Normal NFAS safety rules apply, 3 whistle blasts to stop the shoot, if used 1 prolonged blast of an Air Horn will re-start the shoot.
  7. Should Government guidance change and impose more restrictions, that advice will supersede this guidance.

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